Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Book Release: The Genesis Cafe!

This is it!
The day that every writer looks forward to with mingled emotions of excitement, trepidation, anticipation and that wonderful sense of accomplishment.

The day when over a year's worth of hard work, research, creativity, endless rewrites, designing cover artwork -- and refining, refining, refining -- all coalesce into that penultimate moment where the announcement is finally made:
The Genesis Café: Conversations on the Kingdom is hereby officially released!
I've wanted to write a book about the Kingdom of God since around 2008, and at numerous times, started to pull things together towards that end. But it always seemed, somehow, that the timing or the approach just wasn't right (for whatever reason).

But last year around this time, all the pieces began to come together, and I just knew:
  1. Now is the time to write it, and
  2. How I wanted to tell the Story
In the opening chapter, I enlisted the assistance of the Younger and the Elder in helping me explore the question of what Jesus meant when He said, "The Kingdom is near, repent and believe the good news". Let me tell you, it is a lot of creative fun to write scenes in a pub where you (as the author) and two characters you've created are all having a three-way conversation! 

Writing a narrative story about understanding the Kingdom of God was a challenging approach, and entailed a great deal  of good, old-fashioned hard work. And I really, really enjoyed the whole creative process. 

This was a fun book to write! I'm passionate about the topic, I'm thrilled with how the book turned out, and I'm excited to announce that The Genesis Café is now available.


  1. Looking forward to reading it!

  2. Hey dude, congrats on another release! Look forward to getting my mitts on it.