Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Roof, a Community, and Learning to be Normal

Uh, oh...

When I saw this tell-tale harbinger last fall, during our whirlwind family day of repainting the siding and front doors of our house, I knew that there would be an unavoidable task awaiting me on the roof of my house this summer.

All things being equal, I'd rather be playing bass in a band. But with this kind of mental image seared into your brain, you know you can't avoid facing the task at hand.

Of course, roofing houses was a large part of what I did during our three years of living in Tijuana Mexico. The difference there, of course, is I was usually working with a team of 8-12 volunteers. This time around, it was a much larger expanse of roof, and I wasn't sure what kind of work crew I could muster.

Still, any excuse to once again brandish my favourite Stiletto hammer is fine by me.

In our twenty-eight years of marriage, Wendy and I have never lived anywhere long enough to need to do house repairs. The longest we've lived in a single house has been three years. We are simply laughably inexperienced at what it means to be "homesteaders". We've been pioneers for so long, we actually need people to teach us how to just live normally.

Including simple things like living in the same house for more than five years.

Providentially, through our involvement with a church-plant called The Well, we enjoy friendships with some wonderful Dutch people. They are friendly, skilled in areas that we are not, and generous with their time and energy to help out.

They have demonstrated incredible hospitality, friendship, servant hearts, a great house group, and -- if all goes well -- will be up there on the roof with me later this summer, with a large pile of shingles waiting for us. We are so thankful that God has placed these people in our lives at this point in our journey. We are learning a lot.

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