Thursday, July 18, 2013


When you see an album cover featuring: (a) a guy relaxing on a couch, (b) holding a Fender Strat, (c) with the word "Memphis", you just know that it's an R 'n' B album.

Memphis delivers exactly that. An album from Boz Scaggs that is a nice, relaxing source of great music for chilling out (or writing, as it turns out) that oozes rhythm and blues. Sweet tracks: Rainy Night in Georgia, Cadillac Walk, Gone Baby Gone, and Love on a Two-Way Street.

Listening to Eric Clapton's Old Sock is like reconnecting with an old friend. This album is a great mix of musical styles, from reggae to jazz to the blues-rock for which Clapton is legendary.

Fun tracks: When Your Well Runs Dry, Folks Who Live on the Hilly, All of Me.

Personal fave: Gotta Get Over.

There are few Christian bands that I find interesting these days, but the new album by Third Day, Miracle is definitely one of them. Southern Rock never sounded better, and the album is great for driving down the highway with windows open and music cranked, and for feeling encouraged as a person of faith. From the opening rocker Hit Me Like a Bomb to the rousing rendition of Morning Has Broken, this album flat-out rocks.

Highlights: Kicking & Screaming, You Are My Everything, The Victory, Forever Yours, and Take Me Back.

And in addition to listening to some great music, I have the privilege of playing with some great musicians. If you're in Kelowna BC next week, come on down for a rousing set with the Public House Band.

And yes, I am indeed wearing a kilt in this photo.

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