Monday, September 16, 2013


"I just got saved," she announced out of the blue.

I was minding my own business two days ago, just concentrating on reworking a section of our grocery store as per the schematic sent to us by head office.

It was my last day on this job, and the last thing I was expecting to hear from one of our recently-hired newbies -- dressed in the white lab-coat of a meat-cutter and pushing that odd circular metal cart -- was anything to do with salvation in Christ.

"And I got invited to church tomorrow," she continued, holding a tract in her hand, which she showed me with great enthusiasm. I didn't recognize the tract itself (some standard issue), but I did recognize the church's name as one of the local "health and wealth" variety.

I didn't know how to respond at first. Was she serious?

"He stopped me in the Produce section," she said, as a sly smile began to cross her face (note to self: probably not serious). "He told me a really lame joke -- what do you call a cow lying down in a field? Ground beef. -- and then told me I needed to be saved and gave me this. I told him that I'm not a believer, but he wouldn't leave me alone until I said some prayer thing written in here. Then he invited me to his church."

And she continued on her way back to the warehouse, pushing her metal cart ahead of her. With one last glance over her shoulder, she laughed and said, "Hallelujah, I'm saved." (werd)
Interesting, as I'm blogging through Lifestyle Evangelism, that I was handed such a glaring example of how NOT to evangelize:
  1. My co-worker prayed a prayer which meant nothing to her. And she prayed it under duress.

  2. She thought the whole thing was a joke, and had a good laugh with as many co-workers as she could share the story with, throughout the rest of her shift.

  3. The person who "evangelized" her probably went to church yesterday and announced that he'd "led someone in the prayer of salvation" at a local grocery store.

  4. Did they clap for him?

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