Thursday, November 7, 2013

Foreshadowing: Post-Charismatic 2.0

It all started innocently enough.

A few requests for a Kindle version of Post-Charismatic. Emails wondering if I had any more copies hidden in my basement somewhere (because the original book was now out of print). I was flattered, but didn't give it any serious thought.

And then an unexpected royalty cheque arrived a week later from the UK, long after the print run was over. And suddenly it hit me -- (yes, after three strong hints, eventually robby wakes up and smells the java) -- people are still tracking down copies (or trying to), even though it's out of print.

I had already regained legal rights to my original book from the publisher a year before. There was no reason why I couldn't re-release Post-Charismatic. Kindle-izing it would take some time and effort, but the book could be made available within a few weeks.

But abruptly -- nay, catastrophically -- all that changed, when I opened my original copy and began reading it with fresh eyes.

And I realized that if I was going to do this, it couldn't be just a simple re-release (hokus pick, no!).

And that meant re-writing. More research. Ruthless axing of extraneous details and rabbit trails. Less verbosity and more plain-speaking.
In short, a proper Second Edition. Post-Charismatic 2.0.
And the finish line is just around the corner.

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