Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Invest Time Wisely

There are times when you find a video online where somebody really challenges you, or encourages you (often at the same time), and you think, "wow, I need to post this."

Then you think, "Dang, it's a half hour long. It's not like a blog post you can skim in a few minutes. Or a short video clip that you can watch before your cuppa coffee gets cool."

So, please, bookmark this for later if you don't have time right now. It's well worth 30 minutes of your time. It would be investing time, not wasting it.

This video from Francis Chan is well worth the 30 minutes. It's about the pressures of ministry, so you'd assume it had to do with the unique challenges facing pastors of churches. No, it's really much more universal than that. It has everything to do with the praise of man (and the criticisms, too) and how it can change/challenge/manipulate/blunt our message.

I really appreciate Chan's transparency and humility, and his challenge towards a multiplying discipleship mentality is needed and well-said.

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