Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Transitions in Worship

"Nothing endures but change." (Heraclitus)

We've all heard this saying, although usually in one of its more modern forms: "Change is our only constant". And it's true. The longer we live, the more we see ample evidence that change is not only inevitable, but also relentlessly consistent.

Change is often difficult to embrace, because as much as I love adventure, it turns out that I love adventure on my own terms.

But to avoid change is to stagnate. Like scum on a pond. There's no current or undertow carrying us wildly to and fro, and the surface is tranquil and un-moving, but lack of change and pond scum seems closely connected. (Is the metaphor of pond scum poignant or repulsive -- you decide.)

Someone approached me after church this past Sunday to ask, "So, are you excited about your new role?"

My honest answer was, "Not today. But I will be."

The reason for my answer was that we were saying farewell to our church's worship leader and his young family that day. Sam and his young wife Milena have been faithfully serving in worship at The Well since the very beginning of the church plant, over six years ago. They have been faithful to follow God in first moving to Kelowna to take the position, and they are faithfully following God's leading -- like Abraham, not knowing exactly where they're going -- as they leave.

And now I'm stepping into the vacancy that Sam leaves. Is it exciting to be leading worship again? Of course! Ever since I could form my earliest chords on the guitar, I've been involved in worship and worship leading. It's as natural to me as breathing.

(Sam & yours truly)

But I'm going to miss doing it with Sam. And Milena, his wife. Seeing their two little girls running up to hug their daddy's legs during pre-service rehearsals. Laughing and learning together in our Tuesday night home group. They leave a legacy and a hole in numerous ways.

The impending change, that is now upon us, probably explains why I've been blogging so much on worship these past few weeks. I've been backing up various worship leaders around town ever since we returned from Tijuana over three years ago; being the worship director in a church is not the same as playing bass or guitar for a worship leader.

So, YES, I am excited for this transition in worship. And YES, it's a bittersweet moment as we all watch a talented and faithful young family embrace their own transition.

Change really IS our only constant. But if God's behind it, then change is good.

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