Saturday, May 10, 2014

the Telling of Stories

It's been a long, long time... But I've finally created an "About Robby" page for this blog.

I normally don't like having an "about me" section; I find myself often in a Jekyll 'n' Hyde mental wresting match when it comes to anything that smacks of "self-promotion" (ick).

But I write books, and I believe in what I wrote about strongly enough to actually want people to read them.

You see the dilemma?
But on the other hand, telling our own story can be helpful -- and not just as a "marketing tool" (face-palm + ick).
  1. Telling one's own story can set a helpful context for what drives a writer/blogger to write as they do.
  2. And if there's anything we've noticed in the past ten years or so, it's that there is power in story-telling.
So, I've created an "About Robby" tab at the top of the blog, and that's where you'll find all the Stones of Remembrance links. Each Stone of Remembrance, I hope, is much more than a window into my own journey and what inspires/challenges me.

I hope it will provoke some of your own questions, remind you of some of the myriad of ways that God is leading you in your own journey, and above all, to encourage you to continue to "ask, seek, knock" (Matthew 7:7-8) as you follow Jesus.

(And hopefully, also avoid the "ick"-factor.)

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