Thursday, September 11, 2014

Writer's Corner

Today is Thursday. For the denizens of the Greater Twitterverse, this is normally referred to as "throwback" Thursday, where everyone posts archival photos of themselves.

Here, in a local St. Arbucks, Thursday afternoons have a different significance: there is a small collection of writers who gather in our "traditional" corner, and spend several hours writing.

For those who have, like myself, spent any significant time writing in a public space, there has arisen a new societal protocol: when refilling coffee, ordering food, or visiting the (ahem) "facilities", those who are working next to you -- even if you've never met before -- agree to "keep an eye" on each other's laptops.

Today, it turns out that the young woman at the next table -- as we took turns practicing the bathroom & laptop protocol -- is also a writer. We invited her to join our little fraternity. Now there are four of us.

There is only a bare minimum of conversation. We're here to write -- it is a writer's corner, after all. But during our brief interaction today, before silence and the furious tapping of laptops ensued, the topic of proof-readers and content editors came up. Naturally, all of us expressed a great deal of gratitude for the invaluable input that we've each received over the years.

The first reader of anything I've ever written, naturally, is my beautiful and talented wife, Wendy. She has offered many helpful insights, given me great encouragement, and challenged me where I needed it most. (And consistently provided me with incredible images for my book covers!)

There have been a bevy of others, as well, whose input, critique, push-back and encouragement have been treasured gifts to me as a writer.

Friends like Brent Toderash (the blogger formerly known as Brother Maynard), Luke Geraty from ThinkTheology, Jamie Wilson of Coast Vineyard, family members Keith & Charlotte (my parents), and my daughter Jordan (who doesn't blog often, but is a fantastic and funny storyteller in her own right) -- I know I've already thanked each of you in the books that you've helped me with.

But I just wanted, during our Thursday Writers' Corner, to publicly acknowledge each of you again, and recognize (for approximately the 1000th time) your invaluable input into my journey as an author.
It takes a village to raise a book. Thanks for being part of my village.

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