Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 (the year of many musical notes)

This year has been a Year of Music in many ways -- currently, I am in some way associated with five different bands in the Okanagan Valley. Band names like Public House Band, Feet First, Easy Fix, J.S. Garcia Band, and the Norm Strauss Band have become commonplace around our dinner table.

I have also had the privilege of serving at The Well church as a part-time worship director, which has been a fun return to leading worship (slightly different from playing bass for another worship leader, which I've been doing, like, forever).

Last year saw me spending the lion's share of my time writing -- The Genesis Café and Post-Charismatic 2.0 were completed in the same year -- although music still played a part, as it has for most of my life.

This year was almost a complete reversal, as music came more to the forefront, although blogging continued (obviously), and I have been writing a novel in my "spare time".

It always makes me pause and reflect on how grateful I am to have the ability and the opportunity to do things that I love doing.

Although I'm frequently unseen at the back of this unusually large combo, 
you'll have to just take my word for it: yes, I'm the bass player here.

A second musical presence in our house this year came with  the return of our son Caleb from YWAM Harpenden. To have Caleb home for Christmas this year -- the first time in four years -- was a treat for the whole family.

Caleb immediately began performing his own original music around the area, recruiting his older sister Jo to sing with him. Can I just say, as a parent, that there is very little than can compete with the sounds and sight of your adult children also doing something they love and are gifted at -- together?

Caleb's first CD was recorded in England earlier this year, and you can download it from his website: All Things New.

Amazing how talented people can do so much with one guitar and two voices

Music is a gift, one that can express joy, sorrow, anguish and hope. And as one of my childhood musical heroes -- Bob Seger -- once said, "playing [music] as an adult is a privilege".

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