Friday, November 13, 2015

Book Release: Tracker (a novel)

As of today, I can now add "sci-fi writer" to my publishing resumé.

I've blogged before about my earlier misadventures as the young writer of several sci-fi drecklets. At the time, I was blessed with the earnest-but-clueless audacity to think my drecklets were actually worthy of publishing (insert sheepish shrug here - hey, I was only 13).

Still, science fiction has always been one of my favourite genres, and when I decided to try something completely different (write a novel), science fiction seemed the most natural choice.

As a writer, I've always enjoyed creating characters and exploring how they interact with each other. The Younger & the Elder have long been favourite characters on this blog, and made several cameos in Detoxing from Church before being given their own book, The Genesis Cafe. Likewise, the fictional characters of the "Charismatics Anonymous" support group gave expression to some of the issues being explored in Post-Charismatic.

This time around, I had a great deal of fun exploring the story with the characters. This is different from the narrator-commentary approach, where the author functions as the omniscient voice explaining to the reader things which the characters do not know. In Tracker, readers will walk the same journey of discovery with the characters, as the story unfolds with all its twists and turns.

You can read more about Tracker by clicking on the book cover at right, or the appropriate tab above. Or you could just take a shortcut, and click here.

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