Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tool Belts, Guitar Picks & Writer's Cramp

You can always spot the writers who got their start pre-digital. We are drawn - like the proverbial moth to a flame - to images of old typewriters.

And suddenly, I am poised to begin my fifth year since that cold and fateful day when I dared to utter the words: "I am a writer."

For me, the year 2015 could be summed up by three words: writing, music, and construction (not necessarily in that order).

Strapping on my tool-belt repeatedly during this year, working with/for my good friend John Baker, has been a great deal of fun, a rewarding (and challenging) learning curve, and very helpful in making ends meet. 

Added bonus: the prayer times & spiritual conversations while perched  30+ feet in the air in an "articulating boom lift".

Yup, this one.

The gaps between construction gigs were my creative writing opportunities, whether here at this blog or ThinkTheology, writing sci-fi novels, or serving on an editorial team for the late Bill Jackson's History of the Christian Church (Vol. 2). I have long been a fan of his Quest for the Radical Middle, and I was honoured and slightly fan-boyish when Bill asked for my input. (He reciprocated by writing some nice things about me in the foreward to the book.)

Musically, 2015 was also a full year, performing with the J.S. Garcia Band during festival season, and my most regular gig, a band known as Feet First (promo video). Playing bass for a variety of worship leaders at our local church is always a highlight as well, both musically and spiritually.

KGF Christmas: McAlpines on either side
December also included a fatherly thrill: joining my son Caleb & his church team for Kelowna Gospel Fellowship's annual Christmas in the City concert at the Kelowna Community Theatre (video).

And next month, the new Norm Strauss Band will begin rehearsals as well.

2015 also saw Wendy & I reconnect with our Vineyard roots, casting our lot in with the local Vineyard church re-planting project, affectionately known as "K-Vine" among the regulars.

Predictions for 2016? Well, I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but - Lord willing - I hope to invest my time in the following:
  • Publish three (3) books by this time next year. Two sci-fi novels to complete the Tracker trilogy, and the return of the Younger & the Elder in a book on Galatians
  • Continue to make music with some extremely gifted musicians, which is as much fun (and hard work) as writing
  • Strap on the tool-belt whenever the phone rings and there's a Baker on the other end of the line
  • Assist in whatever ways Wendy & I can to support the church re-plant that we are a part of (and continue to enjoy the friendships & community we have there)
  • Stay loose, 'cuz things never go exactly as planned. :)
Just for the record, I don't actually have writer's cramp, nor do I play bass with a pick. I just thought it made for a catchy title for this post.

See y'all next year!

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