Thursday, April 14, 2016

Book Release: Dissident

The second chapter in the Tracker Trilogy is now available: Dissident.

The Runners are back, continuing in their struggle against the lethal and subhuman Trackers. As the situation intensifies, they find themselves in the unenviable position of needing help from the hated Hoarders.

But years of stereotypes and bitterness do not easily melt away, for either side. To have any hope of prevailing, they -- Runners and Hoarders alike -- will first need to confront their own prejudices and distrust.

"Book two of the Tracker series goes deeper into the themes of greed, racism and xenophobia. It feels like a metaphor of our current political climate. Of course there are still the chases, double-backs, blood-letting and weird stuff that you expect from a Tracker novel. It is "thinky" speculative fiction like The Hunger Games or Oryx and Crake." (review at

- from the inside cover -

The Tracker was sprawled on its back in the middle of the room, arms and legs splayed out, staring at the ceiling with unseeing eyes. Its mouth hung open, slack-jawed, and Amos could almost believe that it looked... shocked? Disbelieving?

They approached it with caution, ready to attack at the slightest provocation. There was none. The Tracker was dead, lying in a growing puddle of its own blood. The left side of its head was crushed as if it had been struck by one of their trucks. They saw nothing inside the room that could account for the barbaric damage done to the Tracker.

Don pushed at its head with his knife, unwilling to touch the pallid flesh with his own hands. It rolled to one side, as limp as a boneless fish, its one remaining eye focused on nothing. 

“Scanner’s been crushed,” he commented, frowning at the remains. “Along with most of whatever it used for brains. But it hasn’t detonated. I guess its self-destruct was shorted out by whatever did this.”

Amos knelt on one knee beside him, staring at the body. “The last time this happened, it was another Tracker that killed it,” he warned.

“If this one didn’t blow itself up, that means there’s another Tracker around here somewhere.”

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