Friday, January 19, 2007

Patron Saint: Dr. Johnny Fever

Here's a lite note for a Friday evening -- how to make robbymac a very happy camper. It's simply, really. Just discover, as I did earlier today, that they're finally going to release the funniest television sitcom ever made on DVD: WKRP In Cincinnati.
One of the disc jockeys, Dr. Johnny Fever, was somewhat of an inspiration/alter ego for me. I once enrolled in a Radio, Television & Journalism major at college, and I think (in retrospect) that the good Doctor might have had a hand in that.

This is a brief clip from the pilot episode. Perhaps those of you who know me will understand why Johnny Fever caught my imagination. Aside from the tinted shades that everyone was wearing back in the day.

But even beyond what is one of funniest scenes for a pilot episode, I see Dr. Fever as an interesting metaphor for dreamers who have gotten burnt, and how a bit of encouragement goes a long way to rekindle Johnny's subversive influence. Cool thought for us over-40 types who occasionally relate to Johnny's protest: "I think you should find somebody else -- about fifteen years younger."

There's no metaphoric meaning to this clip, but it's got what is arguably WKRP's single most-quoted punch-line: "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

We now return to our regularly scheduled weekend diversions.