Monday, January 29, 2007

Jamie's Can O' Worms

My esteemed friend and fellow YWAM'er Jamie Arpin-Ricci has posted a very vulnerable and insightful entry at his blog: Sexuality, Healing & the Need for Community.
Jamie and his wife Kim have been friends to Wendy & I ever since they first landed in Winnipeg to pioneer YWAM Winnipeg, including their "third place" initiative: a used book store called The Dusty Cover [closed after several years in operation].

Jamie's story of his own struggles with same-sex attraction is well-articulated, as is his honest grappling with what the Scriptures say about homosexuality. Jamie pretty neatly sums up my own thoughts on the topic, but because he's writing from the inside, so to speak, I give his words more weight than any I might proffer.

A thankful HT (hat tip) to you, Jamie, for your vulnerability, courage, and insightful thoughts.