Sunday, June 5, 2016

Doin' It Vineyard-Style

"If there is a 'Vineyard style', may it be that we do our practices in a manner not to be 'seen by people': neither to promote nor seek attention, neither to manipulate nor hype up, neither to be 'religious' nor phony, neither to be legalistic nor performance driven.

"We should do our practices with honesty and reality, in love and compassion, being patient and kind, honoring human dignity, giving mutual respect, treating people as adults, with self-disclosure and vulnerability, creating a 'learning environment', with openness to explore and make mistakes, and with acceptance and forgiveness in our hearts.
"Our practices should be without titles or offices or ego-trips or comparative judgements or any 'super-spiritual' stuff. We should quietly go about our daily lives doing the 'main and plain' in an uncomplicated way."
(Alexander Venter, Doing Church, page 200)

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