Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I'm probably not the only person who hits the 'reset' button on the trip odometer after filling the gas tank. It's interesting -- in an objective, academic way -- to get a handle on how far a tank of gas takes you.

But it's also fun to clock how many kilometers a typical week during 'festival season' requires.
My odometer hit 492.2km as I arrived home late Sunday evening. I had filled my car just the previous Tuesday, en route to one of the many rehearsals which make up the unseen side of performing live. Out of curiosity, I reset the trip-o-meter (I just made that word up) to track a busy week and weekend of non-stop rehearsals and live performances with three bands in three cities.

Friday night saw me in Armstrong BC with the J.S. Garcia Band, a band driven by the amazing vocal harmonies of Jenn & Sophie (hence the "J.S." in the band's name), and who are best summed up by their tagline: "Ballads 'n' Sass". A fun highlight was incorporating Glenn Miller's In The Mood as a surprise instrumental break during the Beatles' Can't Buy Me Love.

The band I perform the most number of shows with is Feet First, a collection of rockin' road warriors who have one of the best classic rock playlists you could hope for. We played Island Stage in Kelowna on Wednesday, and Saturday night found us in Vernon BC.

Weddings are always a time of celebration, and when the request came for Public House Band to reunite for one more show, how could we say no? (Aided by the summer-vacation return of band members who no longer live in BC.) It was a treat to celebrate a wedding with friends, and hit the stage again with such a talented group of musicians on Sunday in East Kelowna.

492.2 kilometers is what my trip-o-meter objectively informed me as I pulled into my driveway. What that digital number cannot communicate, however, is the sense of joy that comes with performing live music, the camaraderie of musical friendship, and the gratitude that I feel for the privilege to get to do it so often.

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