Thursday, November 10, 2016

Foreshadow: Scorpion (Tracker Book 3)

The release of Scorpion, the final installment in the Tracker Trilogy, is imminent.

nemesis; [nem-uh-sis]
  1. A long-standing rival; an archenemy
  2. An opponent that is very difficult to defeat
Time is running out: 

A mysterious antagonist is operating behind the scenes, manipulating both Runners and Hoarders alike, accelerating them towards a fiery confrontation with their ultimate and deadly nemesis: the Givers.

- from the inside cover -
A battery-powered torch snapped on, its warm glow illuminating the confined area. The air was heavy with the reek of many years’ worth of sea-borne flotsam. The howl of the wind was muted, and even the pounding surf seemed lessened. Don’t kid yourself, Aubs, the tide is already coming in. The ocean is not your friend.
Mateo stood with his back to them, facing a barnacle-encrusted wall. In the shadows beyond him, Aubrey could make out the oblong shape of a doorway. A circular handle, with four spokes, was located in the center of the hatch. The torch cast the portal into sharp relief as Amos directed his light at it.
The outside rim of the door was discolored, blackened, as if it had been burned in a fire. The metal was puckered in places, the bubbles of molten metal now hardened into one solid mass.
“It’s been welded shut,” Mateo informed them bleakly, retreating to his instructor’s voice. Aubrey felt her throat constrict as she stared at him. I’ve never seen that look on his face before.
“We’ve been cut off,” said Amos, staring at the fused portal in disbelief.
“They knew we were coming.”

- Scorpion (Tracker Book 3): coming November 2016 -

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