Thursday, November 3, 2016

Teaser: Scorpion (Tracker Book 3)

Almost exactly one year after the release of Tracker: Book One, the final novel in the Tracker Trilogy, Scorpion, is almost ready for publication!

The stakes keep getting higher for the small band of Runners, and only the direst of circumstances could persuade them to join forces with their most despised enemies, the duplicitous Hoarders. Win or lose, they are out of options.

- from the back cover -
The troubled alliance between the Runners and a small cadre of renegade Hoarders teeters on a razor’s edge. Years of suspicion and prejudice – on both sides – wars against their need to present a united front against a common enemy.
Neither side trusts the evasive Mateo, yet both are reluctantly dependent on him.
The situation inside the Enclave continues to deteriorate, manipulated by unscrupulous forces behind the scenes. The Judas Card – betrayal – has already been dealt. But which one of them is holding it?
A trap laid by unseen hands is about to close, leaving the Runners with one last, desperate chance to complete their mission.
They have no choice but to learn what it means to ‘dance with the scorpion’.

- Scorpion (Tracker Book 3): coming November 2016 -

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