Monday, May 8, 2017

A Different Kind of Faith Journey

The longer your journey unfolds, the more people you cross paths with. There are many seasons where your story overlaps with theirs, and their journey impacts you, even long after your separate trajectories have carried each of you to different places.

Mary Lynne was (and is) a friend to Wendy & I ever since we crossed paths over 30 years and 4100 kilometers ago.

As newlyweds, Wendy & I were volunteer leaders with the incomparable George Mercado, and that’s where we first met Mary Lynne. We all have some great memories of everything God did in the youth ministry that George led, and it's always been a treat to stay connected — intervening years and distance notwithstanding — with many of the former members of that youth group.

Mary Lynne's journey hasn't gone exactly as any of us would have anticipated. Cancer has become a familiar and repeated companion. I won't go into details, because Mary Lynne tells the story much better than I could ever hope to. Her blog, Not Quite Dead Yet, is titled with her typical tongue-in-cheek cheekiness, and is a moving chronicle of her struggle.

Please visit (and bookmark) Not Quite Dead Yet -- you will be encouraged, challenged, and moved.

And while you're there, I know Mary Lynne would appreciate any prayers you could offer on her behalf.


  1. Well, thanks a million! I figure the disease could take me at any time, but God keeps giving me stuff to do that I would never have gotten around to if I still had a regular job. I'm connecting with so many more people, doing far more ministry and even putting together a different kind of book on how to deal with challenges in your life, whether you approach it from faith, or I just talk people into trying that out. :)

    1. You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you. :)