Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I’ve always scratched my head over some people’s addiction to conspiracy theories.

“Gullible’s Travels” is how I’ve mentally soothed my bewildered cranium when somebody posts a new link to an outrageous theory (almost always bolstered by the unproveable claim “we've got the proof!”).

I’ve even tried my hand at re-writing the Gilligan’s Island theme song lyrics, á la “Gullible’s Island”.

But two events conspired against me over the weekend, tempting me to second-guess my perhaps too-hasty poo-poohing of the Tin Foil Hat Brigade, and caused me to question whether or not to continue blogging.

Actually, it was pretty mundane compared to believing in black helicopters and zombified hordes of stormtroopers.
  1. The photo hosting service that I’ve been using for years decided (out of the blue) to jack their rates into the stratosphere. And made it instantly retro-active — meaning that every single blog post since 2003 was now not only missing its associated pix, but had been replaced (one and all) with an identical, ugly-as-sin, “Upgrade Now!” icon.
    Trust me — not a sight for the faint of heart. I’d have to re-upload and encode over 1200 images. It was like I was being held hostage by some malevolent algorithm.
  2. And then an email arrived, separately informing me that I had to renew my domain names right now, or else they would expire in a few days.
    Et tu, Brute?
Neither of these incidents, by themselves, were enough to convince me there is an anti-blogging conspiracy afoot. But the daunting idea of (a) the hours required to fix the blog image problem, coupled with (b) shelling out for a domain renewal, resulted in (c) the very real temptation to just pull the plug.

Since you’re reading this, and you may have noticed that all the blog’s posts/images are here, safe and sound — you may rest assured that I did not give in to said temptation.

But working on it the past couple of days — and it took over two full days — provided me with an opportunity to browse through fourteen years of blogging. It was an interesting retrospection.

And I realized that I am by no means done with blogging. Not yet. Beyond that, I know that when I finally hang up my skates (to use a Canadian metaphor), it will be because I’ve decided that it’s time.

And that’s much more pro-active and intentional than thinking there’s an anti-blogging conspiracy, wouldn’t you say?

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