Saturday, May 4, 2019

And Also With You

Wendy and I have long been fans of the Star Wars franchise.

For years, our youngest daughter, Renee, thought we chose May 4 as our wedding day because our excessive level of nerdification matched hers.

Alas, we were forced to explain that “May the Fourth be with you” simply wasn’t a thing back in 1985.

We chose this day because it was the first Saturday after college finals. Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from adopting the whole May the Fourth schtick in recent years.

Today is special on more counts than usual—Wendy and I celebrated thirty-four years of marriage AND Renee got  married! And as the happy couple was introduced, it was only fitting that the Star Wars theme was their recessional music.

One year from today, Wendy and I will have the opportunity to say to Renee and Tobias: “Happy anniversary and May the Fourth be with you,” and hear them respond, “And also with you.”

And another family tradition is born.

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