Saturday, December 10, 2022

Detoxing from Church – 10th Anniversary Edition

Detoxing from Church turns 10 this year. Well, in book form, anyway. The original series of blog posts documenting my recovery journey from bad church experiences began just under 20 years ago. The unofficial series touched a nerve with many people, and led to later compiling everything into book form for easier access (versus combing through years of old blog posts).

For this 10th Anniversary Edition, Ive edited and revised the original material. Every writer knows the routine: you continue to stretch, grow, and educate yourself on creative writing, editing, book cover and interior design ... its almost impossible to revisit older material without revising it to some degree.

Ive also included a new collection of Assorted Parables to the 10th Anniversary Edition. Short, creative stories – 20 of em – grouped thematically, including a Detoxing Redux look at how Wendy & I continue to navigate being in the system but not of the system, 20 years on.

Links to paperback, hardcover, and all manner of ebooks can be found on the Detoxing from Church book page.