Detoxing from Church

Folding his hands and gazing more intently at his friend, the Elder carefully continued. “What if what your friends are feeling could be describednot as malcontent, or rebellionbut holy dis-satisfaction? The same kind of holy dissatisfaction that some of the great Reformers of yesteryear also felt as they observed similar dynamics in the church of their day?”

The Younger finished the contents of his bowl, and turned his attention to the fresh-baked roll on the side. “It sounds like you’re suggesting that questioning the status quo of church is a good thing. Can I quote you on that?”
- from the opening chapter -

Jesus is building His church, and the gates of hell are no match for it. So why are so many of His followers tired, disillusioned, and ready to give up on the church?

Mixing humor, modern parables, and personal insights gleaned via the School of Hard Knocks, Detoxing from Church is a redemptive look at the process of recovery from wounds and disillusionment, and finding our identity anew in Jesus.

Detoxing from Church is a journey, and it is also an invitation:

Jesus is still building His church. 

available in paperback & e-book

This is probably the BEST book for anyone who needs help processing through what just happened?” after a bad church experience. Robby is extremely helpful and pastoral and thoughtful, and as a pastor, I recommend this book to everyone I know who gets burned or frustrated.
~ Luke Geraty (Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Red Bluff CA)
“Many books pass through my hands in a given year. Most of them are repeats and rehashes of what’s already been said dozens of times before. Not so with Robby McAlpine’s Detoxing from Church. This is a fresh and engaging discussion for those who have broken with the status quo of modern-day ‘church’ . . . or who are leaning in that direction.”
~ Frank Viola (author, Pagan Christianity)

available in paperback and e-book