Monday, November 29, 2004


Here's a GREAT quote, chock-full of wisdom, from Britist blogger Maggi Dawn:
"I always encourage people to buy in thoroughly to whatever they are in to. It shows a serious lack of character, I think, to hover on the edge of something being cool and cynical and never getting your hands dirty - kind of belonging, but without ever getting committed. I'd much rather get involved in whatever I do, despite the risk of getting egg on my face."
I'm always inclined to listen more closely to practitioners than I do to theorists -- it's easy to critique and deconstruct, but not as easy to reconstruct, and those who are getting their hands dirty in actual ministry have greater credibility.

I value theorists, dreamers, and prophetic voices -- quite highly -- but if John Wimber is correct in saying "faith is spelled R-I-S-K", then there comes a time where cynicism, past hurts from church, and fear of others' opinions must give way to stepping out into the unknown.

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