Theology Pub Alert

Breaking News

Brother Maynard and I hereby issue an open invitation to anyone within driving distance of downtown Winnipeg to join us Friday, August 12th, at the King’s Head for our inaugural Theology Pub.

Reasons you don’t want to miss this:

  1. Enjoy the finest brews (Guinness) at one of Winnipeg’s premiere pubs.
  2. Enjoy theological musings and general ecclesiastical mayhem with Brother Maynard, Robbymac, and others whom Brother Maynard knows and Im about to meet.
  3. Discover Brother Maynards secret identity!! Of course, you must then be sworn to secrecy. Consider it an initiation rite.

Hope to see all y’all there, beginning at 8:00 pm – that’s 20:00 for anyone on the 24-hour clock. We’ll be the theological nerd freaks. Easy to spot, apparently.

This Just In

For all who have set their hearts on pilgrimmage and plan to join us at the Kings Head:

We’ve moved our starting time a half-hour earlier, from 8:00 to 7:30. As fate would have it, Brother Maynard apparently turns into a pumpkin or squash or some kind of vegetable after 10:00 pm (22:00).

While I'm as curious as the next person to see exactly what vegetative life-form Brother Maynard may morph into, he is a husband and father, after all. So, in deference to his lovely wife and adorable children – who probably prefer his continued non-vegetative presence – we’ll gather a wee bit earlier.

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