Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Celebrate the Fifth!

My foray into the world of blogging began five years ago today. And in those five years, what has stood out the most has been the friendships and conversations I've been privileged to have with people I would otherwise not had the opportunity to interact with (even if their first impression over the phone is that my voice is nothing like they'd imagined).

In music, "the fifth" is a transitional chord -- one that signifies that the current phrase of melody is about to move into a new direction. Sometimes, it signifies the end of a phrase that is going to start over again, but it also can be used to signal a shift, a new direction, or at times, even anticipate the ending of the musical piece entirely.

So today, let's celebrate the fifth, with a hat tip of gratitude to the many journeymates through the years, and a sense of anticipation of the transitional chord leading into the next musical phrase. 

No need to be coy: we're relocating to Tijuana, Mexico.

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