Celebrate the Fifth!

My foray into the world of blogging began five years ago today. And in those five years, what’s stood out the most have been the friendships I’ve found and conversations I’ve been privileged to have with people I’d otherwise have never met.

In music, “the fifth” is a transitional chord, signifying that the current melody is about to shift into a new direction. Sometimes, it presages the end of a phrase that is about to repeat itself. It can also be used to signal a shift into a completely new direction (usually a “bridge”), or even anticipate the end of the musical piece.

So today, celebrate the fifth with me, with a hat tip of gratitude to new friends, and a thrill of anticipation as the transitional chord leads into the next musical phrase.

Which is an über-flowery way of saying there’s a change in the wind: we’re relocating to Tijuana, Baja Norte, in the United States of Mexico.

Raise a glass with me – Dos Equis Amber is an early Mexican favorite, as is Modelo Negra.

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