Dinner with Sam & Ella

You know, as someone who never experimented with drugs, you would think I’d have no working knowledge of hallucinations. However, as I continue to recover from a whopping bout of salmonella, I think I know what people mean by a “bad trip.”

On a typical night, I don’t dream – with exceedingly rare exceptions. When I was a teenager, a stray nightmare might inspire a short sci-fi story. As an adult, I dream only if I’ve taken Nyquil, and I typically wake up the next morning feeling like I need an exorcist.

Nyquil may be great for symptom relief, but whatever they’ve added to make you sleep … Hot dang.

A two-day visit from Sam & Ella was far worse. And none of the gut-wrenching hallucinations held even the tiniest hint of a good story idea.

For the record, I live in Tijuana, but I got food poisoning from trail mix  I purchased at a well-known grocery store chain in San Diego.

Sam & Ella will forever be unwelcome in my home.

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