Change Is Our Only Constant

The DTS staff team that almost was.

We’d invested a lot of time in building trust and relationship – praying, sharing, and worshipping together. A diverse but tight-knit team made up of Mexican, American, Canadian, Columbian, and German friends/coworkers. Laughter and conversation came easily, and anticipation for the imminent DTS – barely ten days away – ran high.

What we couldn’t foresee was a flurry of last-minute student cancellations, rendering the DTS unsustainable. The remaining students were redirected to Ensenada, and the team – left hanging in mid-air, vision-wise – disbanded and was absorbed into other roles in Tijuana.

If, indeed, change is our only constant, then one of my favorite phrases in español – “Siempre flexible” (always flexible) – probably applies.

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