Sunday, October 4, 2009

Change is our only constant...

Sometimes, it seems like God asks us to do things that wouldn't normally make all that much sense.

And as the founder of YWAM once asked in his book title, "Is That Really You, God?", you find yourself making some quick, on-the-fly adjustments to the unexpected.

Ten days ago, our DTS staff were maniacally preparing all the last-minute details for the beginning of the Fall Discipleship Training School, with only three days remaining until the students would begin to arrive.

Then in whirlwind couple of days, we had a number of last-minute cancellations. And after a time of praying and seeking God with our base leadership team, we tranferred the remaining students to our sister base in Ensenada (along with one of our DTS staff), and suddenly we found ourselves -- three days before the DTS was supposed to begin -- faced with the "now what?" question.

To say it came as a shock would be an understatement. But equally as strong as the shock was the sense that letting the school go (and transferring students and staff) was the right decision to make. In some strange, inexplicable way, the answer to the question "is that really You, God?" was a resounding "yes".

The School Of Ministry Development (SOMD) began here in Tijuana at the same time as the DTS was being transferred, and quite a number of our staff (on top of their regular duties) have felt God leading them into a three-month season of honing ministry skills. The SOMD leadership team asked me to join them, and I will also be doing the course project work (focused on further refining the DTS), and oddly enough, also teaching in the SOMD.

So, I'm a staff/student/speaker (only in YWAM, eh?) in the School Of Ministry Development (and still getting ready for another DTS in January 2010).

I would say that "change" is the only constant in our lives in YWAM Tijuana, but perhaps I should add "adrenaline" as well. :)