What Happens on the Road, Stays on the Road

Nothing says “you’re in a band” louder than the proverbial road trip. This past weekend, the five members of Feet First piled into our respective gear-laden vehicles, and drove to the town of Nakusp, in British Columbia’s Kootenay Mountains, for a wild and woolly weekend of rock ’n’ roll and assorted shenanigans.

Well, not exactly …

Yes, we drove to Nakusp and played two packed-out gigs at the Leland Hotel, British Columbia’s longest-running pub – since 1892. The road trip was awesome all by itself. We live in a province of jaw-dropping natural beauty.

And yes, the shows rocked – people were calling their friends during our first set and the word spread. Our second show turned into a four-hour onstage marathon to a boisterously enthusiastic (and decidedly intoxicated) audience.

But keep in mind … this is a middle-aged classic rock band.

No, those weren’t “groupies” in the front row – our wives came along for the weekend. We’ve all been married 30+ years.

Overheard at supper on Saturday: “Hey, we don’t hit the stage for another three hours. We could squeeze a nap in!”

Yes, there were drugs involved. All prescribed by our family physicians.

Spinal Tap moment: Dave, our lead guitarist, got lost in the hotel while trying to find the bar, and we were forced to start the show without him. His wife tracked him down and escorted him, sheepishly toting his Fender Strat, to the stage during our third song. The crowd cheered for him.

There were lots of jokes about “living the rock ’n’ roll dream” throughout the weekend. It’s a treat to be in a band that takes their music seriously and themselves lightly.

But seriously, folks …

A weekend away with Wendy, in the Kootenay mountains, playing in a band of this calibre, relaxing with bandmates and wives in a local coffeeshop, and with a stunning view of Arrow Lake just outside Wendy’s and my hotel window … 

Wow. I’ve a lot to be grateful for.

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