Generational Angst ... All Over Again

Did you know that they (whoever “they” are) have identified a new “generational grouping” in North American society? No, not a new nickname, stereotype, or label for the emerging generations, but a further re-definition and re-alignment of existing generations!

It’s called Generation Jones, and – wait for it – seems I’m one of them.

This is such a shock to my system. I thought I was Gen X. Now, I have to re-learn my true origins of existence, who I’ve been victimized by and should therefore resent, and what my life goals have been for the past 20 years.

I’m experiencing existential angst.

Y’all forgive me if it takes a wee bit of time to make the shift from my former “X-er” identity to my newly-discovered true self – a “Joneser.”

Or does my identity originate elsewhere – something or Someone beyond reactionary “notice me” marketing demographics invented by media and corporations that want to sell me stuff?

Inquiring minds, including mine, would like to know.

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