Road Trips + St. Francis

I just returned from a road trip with my best friend since high school, Patrick “dang straight I’m Irish” Prowse. An epic journey of self-discovery and explored ideals across the scenic Canadian Prairies and ending at the breath-taking majesty of the Rocky Mountains.

Well, not exactly. We drove non-stop from Winnipeg to Calgary, slept for five hours, and then drove non-stop from Calgary to Winnipeg – all to pick up a two-year-old Great Dane the size of an adult velociraptor. With the jaws to match.

The dog’s name is Apollo, which is fitting in a cosmic way. Possible movies Apollo could star in: Terminator 4: Rise of the Canines, Jurrasic Dog, or MegaMutt & the Masters of the Dog Kennel. Saints be praised; Apollo’s potty-trained.

Are you familiar with the expression “pee like a racehorse?” Don’t kid yourself – horses got nothing on Great Danes.

A 30-hour round trip – how do you pass the time? Easy: you listen to your favorite CDs (twice) and shoot the breeze about life, faith, church, non-church, and why classic rock is superior to the drivel on AM radio.

We didn’t solve the universe’s problems, but somewhere around the 26-hour mark, we agreed that today’s church doesn’t need Revivalists or Reformers as much as it needs Repenters.

It’s like a 21st-century rendition of the Prayer of St. Francis – change begins with us.

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