God's Biscuits

One of the great things about having children is that they grow up. And suddenly, you’re sitting across a coffeeshop table from your eldest daughter, enjoying a deep conversation as adults. 

After telling Jordan the tale behind my decision to end my attempted REALTOR® career-shift, I made a joke about my “naturally brilliant” abilities qualifying me to be a starving artist. Jo spotted this fridge magnet a few days later, and just had to get it for me. It now occupies a place of honor on our refrigerator door.

(Our family has a certain fondness for tongue-in-cheek, slightly-dark humor.)

I also told her about the unexpected words of encouragement  I’d been receiving the past couple of weeks. As Wendy and I took note of these seemingly random tidbits of life-giving words, Wendy had commented, “It’s almost like Gods tossing you some biscuits.”

  • After playing bass at a church recently, a well-respected musician stood to make an announcement, prefacing it with praise for the band, pointing out my bass playing in particular.
  • A friend from a worship band Id led 15 years ago emailed me out of the blue to say, “I’m not one for ‘titles,’ but you were a real worship pastor. I just wanted to say thanks.”
  • A former youth group member found me on BookFace and sent a message thanking me for my time as their youth pastor.
  • Another former youth group member, from the George Mercado era back in the 1980s, emailed to say, God’s been putting you on my heart a lot recently – do you need prayer about anything?”
  • A local couple we’ve known since the mid-1990s, whod just finished reading Post-Charismatic, mentioned in passing at St. Arbucks, “You should be writing more. That’s your gift.”
“Hmm,” Jordan mused, giving me her widest and most innocent blue-eyed stare. “People whose lives youve made an impact on. Music. Writing. What do you think Gods trying to tell you, Dad?”

Gee, I dunno ... Maybe that having coffee with a wise young woman – clearly her mother’s daughter – might point out obvious things that her old man hadn’t dared consider?

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