Thursday, March 15, 2012

Re: Destination

Travelling is a great way of expanding your horizons, mentally as well as geographically. Destinations outside of your normal life and routine can be exciting and provocative times of seeing things from a different perspective.

But still, there’s something special about that moment when you step back on to home turf, with all of its welcome sights, sounds, smells, bustle, and familiarity.

You can see it in the expressions of those in the airport waiting area, their gaze searching the incoming stream of humanity for familiar faces. The barely-but-not-quite-contained excitement of young children, eagerly anticipating the sight of grandparents turning the corner and walking down the ramp.

The embraces, the cheerful welcomes, as everyone wanders toward the baggage claim area, where even the tedium of the grudgingly slow carousels cannot dampen the happy reunions.

Even the serious expressions of the unaccompanied travelers, clutching briefcases and laptops as they likewise await the return of their checked overnight bags, speaks of a sense of purpose. Theyve reached their destination, and theyre eager to dive into the purpose for their travel.

In the midst of this sea of humanity, baggage, happy reunions, tearful farewells, connecting flights, arrivals, departures, and the buzz of multiple conversations, sits the solitary figure of a writer. With the traditional cup of Tim Horton’s coffee slowly cooling beside him, he contemplates a creative way of announcing his return to blogging.

But in the end, he realizes a picture is still worth a thousand words: